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 Health Insurance – Changing your policy?

Health Insurance – Changing your policy?

How Do You Receive Health Insurance?

It is important to secure health insurance for yourself, as well as members of your immediate family. This has never been more apparent as in 2020 with the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Low premium health insurance protects you in the event of an illness or other disorder, but additionally can alleviate high care costs, especially in the case of chronic issues and needed hospitalization.

Many individuals obtain health insurance coverage for the same reason as home or auto insurance – it protects their savings and income. However, anyone looking to find the best possible health insurance coverage has some things to consider before settling on a policy. Our health insurance agents in Miami from GoldenTrust Insurance are breaking some of these factors down.

 Choosing a Health Care Policy | Health Insurance in Miami

If you’re self-employed, cannot get adequate coverage from an employee, or don’t qualify for a government health insurance program, you can obtain health insurance coverage on your own. Finding your policy likely means shopping around with health insurance agents to find the best coverage, and the best price.

Cost often remains the most important deciding factor when choosing a care plan. The following questions may help you decide on the most cost-effective care plan that meets your needs:

  • How much is your monthly premium?
  • How much is the copay for doctor and specialist visits, in addition to prescription medication?
  • Is your doctor within the insurance company’s provider network?
  • How much do you need to pay before the health coverage kicks in?


A health insurance premium represents the total cost of a plan that you must pay either monthly or in a lump sum. How much you pay on your premium will likely depend on the benefits included in the health insurance policy. This is a separate amount from the deductible.


Your health insurance deductible is a set dollar amount that your health insurance agent and provider will need you to pay before the policy will cover most services. This number is the total amount you will pay towards medical expenses that you incur during your coverage period.

High deductible plans are often beneficial for patients that don’t often visit with a health care specialist and don’t frequently purchase prescription medication. If you aren’t going to use the benefits that a lower deductible plan can offer, why pay an increased overall payment for it?

By choosing a higher-deductible plan, you can still obtain coverage in case an emergency occurs. Nevertheless, you will still need to pay the amount of the deductible, but it will likely remain cheaper than the cost of most emergency procedures. Higher-deductible plans are the best option for individuals that are in good health.


The copay is the cost you will pay on top of your premium each time you visit with a doctor or other care specialist. Copays apply to Emergency Room visits, as well as urgent care, and prescription drug purchases.

These costs will depend on how much you pay monthly for a health insurance policy. In most cases, the higher an insurance premium, the lower your copay. Conversely, small premium costs often impart larger copays. When you take prescription medication or need frequent doctor appointments, a lower copay health plan is a great idea.

What is the Best Policy for You? | Health Insurance Agents in Miami

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for a health insurance plan. This is why health insurance agents offer so many various options on the health insurance marketplace today. For anyone with a history of good health, short-term plans with larger deductibles can represent excellent health insurance plan solutions.

For those that constantly find themselves in and out of care provider facilities and hospitals, they might want to secure all the coverage their money can buy. GoldenTrust Insurance recommends working with a licensed health insurance agent to compare different plan benefits to find the one that best fits your unique, individual needs.

To learn more about health insurance coverage, and how our team can help you find the best coverage for you and your loved ones, contact GoldenTrust today by calling (305)910-2822.