GoldenTrust Insurance


GoldenTrust Insurance

At GoldenTrust Insurance, we understand that YOU are important. Our insurance agents will help you get the right coverage or policy to best protect you, your family, and what you care about. We also understand that the property you have worked hard for is also important. GoldenTrust offers a wide range of insurance, such as
Life Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Health Insurance, and Retirement Plans, and other options to meet all of your needs. At Golden Trust, we offer the coverage you need at the best price. Our agents can save you more than $200 MONTHLY.

Auto Insurance

At GoldenTrust Insurance, we offer auto insurance coverage for ALL Florida drivers. From basic, personal and family auto coverage, to the extensive coverage needed by high net worth individuals and classic car collectors.

Home Insurance

GoldenTrust Insurance works with several insurance companies - which means we can shop for the BEST Florida home insurance coverage, at the best price for you. Your home is likely one of your most prized possessions.

Health Insurance

Getting the right plan for you and your family boils down to understanding your projected medical needs for the next year calculating your income, and then finding the plan that has both a premium that fits your budget as well as out-of-pocket costs that won't break the bank.

Life Insurance

The additional benefits clauses (accelerated benefits riders, ABR) are optional clauses, without additional cost, that may allow you to obtain access to all or part of your benefit for death, in life, if you suffer from a terminal illness, chronic or critical, or a critical injury.